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Steps 1 through 4 are all about the vision, step 5 is where the action takes place. It is important to take time to determine where it is you want to go, but at some point you must start going. You have to begin to make those changes which sometimes can be challenging. Some of the changes will be small and can be accomplished in a day, a month, or by year’s end. Others will take longer to build. However, the most important thing is that you start making those changes today. I often hear people say “once I get my debts paid down I’ll start saving” or “I don’t make enough to invest for the long term” or even worse “I’ll start looking at that later”; later never comes.

At this stage in the process we are making the adjustments to your portfolio, whether you are just getting started on your financial path and we are determining how much to contribute and into which funds, or you have been saving for years and we are rebalancing your portfolio to be properly diversified and tax efficient. Lastly, with all the tax code changes that occur each year, we will work on reducing your tax liability as much as legally possible when and where it makes sense.

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