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Today’s media bombards us with information. You can’t watch an hour’s worth of TV without seeing several ads related to investments, retirement, or life insurance. Each of these ads has one goal: to get you to purchase their product or service whether you need it or not. Because of this “in your face” approach, we constantly feel that pressure to “keep up with the Joneses.” As a result, people often show up in my office with a collection of financial products and funds which they don’t know much about and — more importantly — the products and services they currently have are not coordinated with each other nor are they in alignment with their personal short- or long-term goals.

The first step in my process is to get a clear picture of where you stand today. We will also perform a budget analysis so that we understand where all of your income is generated and your spending habits. This information provides us with an initial snapshot of your current financial position. This is the basis from which we start.

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