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How We Differ

My goal is to help you build and implement a comprehensive financial plan without the stress that is normally associated with personal finance.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
We review all financial aspects of your lifestyle to ensure that your financial products and services are in line with your goals.

I am required by law to put the interests of my clients above all else to build and implement a strategy that is focused on reaching their goals.

Providing Fee-Only advice means we are paid only by our clients. We receive NO commissions and NO other financial compensation from third-party sources. It is our core belief that in order to provide true, unbiased financial advice the advisor cannot be compensated based on the products he sells.

I am CFP Professional, a Certified ACP Advisor, a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor and a DFA Advisor. These organizations hold all their members to the highest standards of ethics and financial literacy to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best possible financial advice and guidance.

I am very involved with these organizations and the financial community as a whole. The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (ACP) develops and updates the core tools I use to provide a comprehensive financial strategy for my clients. These tools along with the backing of the ACP and NAPFA communities of likeminded financial planners support me with the vast amount of knowledge and resources to implement The Lifestyle of Your Dreams process for all my clients. This strategy works by incorporating all aspects of your financial life into a cohesive plan to lead you from where you are on your financial lifecycle to where you want to be based on your short and long term goals as well as other changes in your life.

In addition to the above-mentioned organizations, I am also a DFA Advisor, which allows me to offer my clients access to institutional investing. Dimensional Funds Advisor (DFA) is a leader in applying advanced financial science to investment solutions for clients around the world.

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