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Step 2

The Dream Defined

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When we were kids we were full of dreams about how the world worked, the kind of life we would lead and what we would do when we grew up. The adults in our lives gave us ideas and direction and gently pushed us on our way. We headed off to college and got our first job and that’s when, for many of us, the reality of how the world really works kicked in. The lifestyle we had envisioned living was much harder to obtain than we thought. So we hunkered down and followed the common sense approach to building our lives and, as the years passed by, we fell into a routine and before we knew it, we’d forgotten about those dreams and goals we had as children.

This step is the fun step where you remember your dreams and spark your imagination to envision the lifestyle you want to live. OK, so not all the dreams we had as kids are realistic and some of them you may no longer find interesting, but the important part of this step is to get your creative juices flowing and to begin to define the lifestyle you wish to live so that you have a specific goal in mind. With this goal in mind we can then identify your short term and long term goals. We can begin to plan for large purchases; a new house, car or boat, and family vacations; how exotic, how often, romantic getaway, or family extreme sports trip, or charitable events; from donating your time to planning and coordinating an entire event.

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